Our Roots

At Jersey City Connects, we’re not just about planning events - we’re about crafting connections.

Arriving in Jersey City at the height of the pandemic, our founder, Alyssa, faced the challenge of making friends in a city where she didn't know anyone.

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Our Mission

Established in September 2021, our mission is to reshape the social scene by organizing diverse events that bring people together. We take pride in cultivating a space for genuine connections.

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  • Warm Atmosphere

    I reached out to the team expressing my anxiety about attending events solo. Their kindness and support were overwhelming! They not only reassured me but also introduced me to someone attending the same event. Thank you!! - Alex S.

  • Stress Free Social Events

    As a busy professional, Jersey City Connects takes the stress out of planning. I show up, have a blast, and always meet down-to-earth people. It’s the social life I've always wanted! - Mark D.

  • Finding New Friends

    It's hard to meet people in a new city, and can be awkward trying to make friends on your own. It's a super welcoming group, and they plan really fun events. I've been going to them solo and have found some really cool friends! – Lizzie M.

Building Community in Jersey City


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