Well, hello there!

Meet Alyssa Domenech - the CEO and Founder of Jersey City Connects.

When Alyssa moved to Jersey City in 2020, she encountered the challenges of navigating a new city on her own, and quickly realized she wasn’t alone.


Drawing from her experiences and realizing the importance of community, Alyssa channeled her passion for helping others into the creation of Jersey City Connects.

Through social meetups, networking events, and volunteer programming, she sought to establish a space where newcomers and locals alike could forge meaningful connections, support one another, and give back to the local community—and she succeeded!

In July 2023, she left her Corporate America job to pursue Jersey City Connects full time.

Jersey City Connects has actively collaborated with local nonprofits, such as JCleans and Triangle Park Community Center, to spearhead impactful initiatives like community clean-ups and youth board game nights.

While events are the cornerstone of Jersey City Connects, Alyssa and her team aspire to cultivate something far more profound - a lasting sense of belonging and camaraderie.

Alyssa has organized over hundreds of events, and connected thousands of people, all while supporting countless local businesses.

In March 2024, Alyssa was awarded Women of Action by Mayor Steven Fulop.

She extends her thanks to the countless individuals, local businesses and community partners who have stood alongside her, contributing to the growth and success of both Jersey City Connects and Jersey City at large.

Today, her unwavering commitment to making a difference in the lives of others continues to be fueled by the memory of her father, whose legacy of positivity and kindness inspires her every day. (February 1962 - March 2024)